The Keys to Successful Online Marketing
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7 Habits of a Highly Effective Marketing Team

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7 Habits of a Highly Effective Marketing Team

Considering the increasing success of digital marketing strategies, a huge number of digital marketing agencies have grown to meet the demand. But how can you pick one of these agencies and be assured that your business will be in good hands? To get ahead of an increasingly competitive digital market, you’ll need to find an agency that will make your business stand out from the pack. These are the reasons why Intact Info is one of the few, highly effective digital marketing agencies.

1. Strategic Thinking

Digital marketing requires another level of strategic thinking. The market is more competitive than ever, so you need an agency that can think beyond the basic level of simply increasing conversions on one particular from one particular ad or web page. These are the kinds of agencies that get left behind before long.

As the marketing team at Intact Info, we are experts at our craft, priding ourselves on developing holistic strategies across every digital channel. This wider view has led to a far more impressive track record than our competitors. Considering our experience and expertise, we analyze any business and develop an action-oriented strategy that will build brand awareness, increase conversions, and retain customers.

2. Bold and Innovative Decision-Making

In history, the we honor and remember the people who took a bold new step in a different direction, even when people criticized the idea. The same is true in digital marketing.

The Intact Info team is not afraid to question marketing concepts if they know their new idea will produce an even greater result. This mindset has brought Intact Info to the forefront of digital marketing.

3. Constantly Learning

No one can remain at the top of their craft without the willingness to continually learn and improve, no matter what the competition may be.

This habit is especially important in digital marketing, where adaptation is key in an ever-changing technological environment. It’s also the reason why Intact Info is always hungry to learn whatever they can to stay ahead in digital marketing.

4. Effective Communication

At the heart of any marketing strategy is communication. Every marketer understand that words, images, and videos are the mediums they use to reach out to consumers. But not all of them work as hard to perfect their use of those mediums, like Intact Info.

Intact Info’s talented team of copywriters, photo editors, and video editors walk that extra mile to find the exact word or visual cue that leaves a lasting impression on their consumers. In an environment where content is key, that extra effort makes all the difference.

5. Data Informs their Decisions

In digital marketing, guesswork and assumptions are destined for failure. The best marketers know that the data is the key to success.

The Intact Info team takes this fact to heart. This means utilizing data and analytics in everything that they do. Their digital marketing team optimizes every web design element down to the last punctuation mark of every call to action.

6. Specialization

A common phrase warns that a jack-of-all trades becomes a master of none. If a digital marketing agency does not have a certain level of specialization or expertise in a certain area, they will be soundly beaten by another digital marketing agency that has.

For this reason, Intact Info focuses their efforts on a few industries. With their in-depth industry knowledge of the fashion, home décor, medical, and retail industries, they distinguish themselves as the clear experts over the competition.


With so much data to keep track of in a digital marketing campaign, it makes sense that the best marketers are the ones that pay the closest attention to the data. By keeping a close eye on all of the data used in their campaign, Intact Info is able to make the right decisions in every circumstance, for every client.

If you want to build the most effective digital marketing you can buy, contact Intact Info today.

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