Niche Marketing: Our 3 Favorite Tools
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Niche Marketing: Our 3 Favorite Tools


Niche Marketing: Our 3 Favorite Tools

Niche marketing is different from general mass marketing because the target audience tends to be very specialized and smaller – hence the term niche. When you are working in a niche, whether it’s a particular demographic segment or financial segment, you have very different demands than companies who work in a mass-market. In many ways, you are able to leverage the Internet more powerfully than those companies focused on the masses.

Here are three specific methods you can use to improve engagement from existing clientele and also expand your lead generation from new client prospects.


Email Marketing

The first is email marketing. Email marketing is not solely based on sending out your company newsletter to your existing customer base. Email marketing today is utilized to engage your current customer base in making additional purchases. When used effectively, email marketing should educate your client base, generate referrals, increase repurchases, and altogether increase sales. Generally, most companies simply don’t send out enough emails because of the fear of appearing spammy or increasing unsubscribe rates. The right number of emails is dependent on your particular industry and your business. You will find that the right number of emails will capture the clients that you are searching for in very little time.



The next solution is retargeting. Everyone is already familiar with online ads that are placed on different websites throughout the Internet. However, by retargeting your ads, our digital marketing specialists will manage and place them in front of people who have previously visited your website, or searched for products and services that are within your niche. This way, you can target your audience repeatedly and literally follow them on the Internet as they continue to browse. The probability that they will click on your advertisement is increased as the frequency of viewing your ad is increased. It is also beneficial because you were not be spending precious advertising dollars by targeting people who have zero interest in the products or services you provide.


Facebook Advertising

The third item on today’s list is Facebook advertising. Facebook has introduced a new program that allows partners to access their database to search for individuals who have an interest in just about anything under the sun. One can now pull this information and target those individuals with advertising that would be of interest to them based on the information within their profile, the types of things that they “like”, and the common interests shared between them and their friends. This new form of advertising is only made possible through advancements in artificial intelligence and big data and is brought to you by your friendly local social media network – Facebook.


In summary, if you are in a business that has a specific niche target audience, you can utilize the Internet more powerfully than ever before. Expect this trend to continue as advancements in technology move forward.


If you would like to know how to get started on identifying your company’s niche, then give our digital marketing specialists a call at 1.888.986.7736.

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